San Fierro Stunt Evolution

Server Status: Online                    San Fierro Stunt Evolution -                       Players Online: 2/150

Background Information

SFSE was launched on August 10th, 2010 based off the once open source SFSFv2 (San Fierro Stunt Freeroam) scripts. For those unaware, SFSFv2 was developed by Andre, was quite popular in its time and established a pleasant community; some of whom still play here today. Within months of the launch, SFSE reached a peak player count of 270 online at once, and averaged a steady 100-200 playerbase.

SFSE closed in September 2012 when it fell out of popularity and the pace of development could not keep up with the expectations of players. Subsequently, other servers began to surface which appeared similar to ours and used our maps (and still do to date), which added competition we did not have before.

During the downtime, Andre started to rewrite the gamemode into the C++ programming language for his learning purposes. Talks of relaunching the server followed in early 2013, and it was launched, albeit it was not up for long as the owners struggled to find time to maintain it.

The server then returned in 2014 and faced issues with stability. Player counts hardly reached 20 and it appeared the project grew entirely out of popularity. In late 2014, cawfee reached out to Andre in an attempt to revive the project and they teamed up. Within months, time could not be found to maintain the project and the domain lapsed; by this point, the project appeared entirely abandoned. TheDarkness and cawfee then discussed bringing back SFSE with the old sources and cawfee bought the domain the day it became publicly available and SF-SE re-launched.

Thanks to the joint effort of our team, we are seeing an uptick in player counts and the community is growing every day.

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