San Fierro Stunt Evolution - Come and join us!

SF-SE is a joint continuation of 2 projects that in their day were at some level extremely popular - SF-SFv2 and Stunt Evolution.

Though the communities of these two servers never were really fond of each other, Stunt Evolution underwent an owner change and after it started fading away slowly from the popular status and after SF-SFv2's box had been breached, in August 2010 we decided to reunite the projects into one, which is now San Fierro Stunt Evolution.

It can be mentioned that back in their day, the 2 servers that precede this project were once fighting for game rank 1 on Game-Monitor, both having 100 players online on an average basis. Now the server is led by an experienced group of coders and mappers who put effort into making the server and community better every day. Our staff consists of helpful, mature and experienced people who can be seen playing very often.

It is our goal to leave a good first impression and our helpful admin team is a huge plus to that concept. A list of our staff can be seen here.