Player: jurakos

This player has 7 achievements.
Novice racerNot completed
Experienced racerNot completed
Racing kingNot completed
First-time winnerNot completed
Experienced winnerNot completed
Winner at lifeNot completed
Lucky championNot completed
Forever secondNot completed
Race ConstructorNot completed
Record KingNot completed
MTV CribsNot completed
EntrepreneurshipNot completed
Away From KeyboardFriday 22nd of May 2020 16:54
Grand AFK MasterNot completed
Starting memberThursday 21st of May 2020 18:05
Regular playerFriday 22nd of May 2020 18:35
Attached playerNot completed
Addicted playerNot completed
Grand MasterNot completed
Score WhoreNot completed
Filthy RichNot completed
Duel VirginityFriday 22nd of May 2020 12:59
Successful DuelerFriday 22nd of May 2020 13:03
Duel kingNot completed
First BloodThursday 21st of May 2020 20:11
Put 'em to bedNot completed
Grim reaperNot completed
Rest In PeaceNot completed
Unstoppable DemolitionFriday 22nd of May 2020 15:07
Mass MurdererNot completed
Near MissNot completed
Stealth killerNot completed
LeprechaunNot completed
Escape artistNot completed
GangsterNot completed
Interior decoratorNot completed
Gun guruNot completed
Exemplar officerNot completed
Criminal mastermindNot completed
Punctual courierNot completed
ExporterNot completed
Veteran playerNot completed
HitmanNot completed
ExecutionerNot completed
Bounty HunterNot completed
Stunt GodNot completed
Team PlayerNot completed
MVPNot completed
FlagshipNot completed
SupporterNot completed
DaredevilNot completed
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