Player: [AsL]Star

This player has 25 achievements.
Novice racerSaturday 6th of October 2018 19:13
Experienced racerNot completed
Racing kingNot completed
First-time winnerFriday 2nd of November 2018 18:56
Experienced winnerNot completed
Winner at lifeNot completed
Lucky championSaturday 3rd of November 2018 15:39
Forever secondNot completed
Race ConstructorNot completed
Record KingNot completed
MTV CribsThursday 27th of September 2018 16:30
EntrepreneurshipNot completed
Away From KeyboardMonday 2nd of September 2019 16:21
Grand AFK MasterNot completed
Starting memberFriday 24th of August 2018 22:22
Regular playerThursday 30th of August 2018 19:23
Attached playerThursday 11th of October 2018 12:40
Addicted playerThursday 6th of June 2019 19:38
Grand MasterNot completed
Score WhoreSunday 4th of November 2018 20:56
Filthy RichWednesday 29th of August 2018 18:04
Duel VirginityWednesday 1st of August 2018 22:15
Successful DuelerWednesday 1st of August 2018 22:18
Duel kingNot completed
First BloodWednesday 1st of August 2018 22:03
Put 'em to bedTuesday 28th of August 2018 18:19
Grim reaperTuesday 25th of September 2018 18:23
Rest In PeaceTuesday 28th of August 2018 19:49
Unstoppable DemolitionTuesday 11th of June 2019 20:32
Mass MurdererTuesday 28th of August 2018 13:28
Near MissNot completed
Stealth killerSaturday 22nd of September 2018 16:41
LeprechaunNot completed
Escape artistNot completed
GangsterTuesday 14th of April 2020 12:51
Interior decoratorSaturday 27th of October 2018 21:24
Gun guruFriday 4th of January 2019 13:39
Exemplar officerNot completed
Criminal mastermindNot completed
Punctual courierNot completed
ExporterNot completed
Veteran playerNot completed
HitmanWednesday 14th of November 2018 16:42
ExecutionerNot completed
Bounty HunterWednesday 31st of October 2018 18:13
Stunt GodNot completed
Team PlayerNot completed
MVPNot completed
FlagshipNot completed
SupporterNot completed
DaredevilNot completed
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