Player: Kostas

This player has 47 achievements.
Novice racerTime not recorded
Experienced racerTime not recorded
Racing kingTime not recorded
First-time winnerTime not recorded
Experienced winnerTime not recorded
Winner at lifeTime not recorded
Lucky championFriday 6th of July 2018 10:19
Forever secondTime not recorded
Race ConstructorSunday 15th of July 2018 11:19
Record KingMonday 9th of July 2018 14:35
MTV CribsThursday 19th of July 2018 11:05
EntrepreneurshipTuesday 19th of February 2019 10:47
Away From KeyboardWednesday 26th of December 2018 13:57
Grand AFK MasterTuesday 19th of February 2019 17:42
Starting memberTime not recorded
Regular playerTime not recorded
Attached playerTime not recorded
Addicted playerTime not recorded
Grand MasterTime not recorded
Score WhoreTime not recorded
Filthy RichTime not recorded
Duel VirginitySunday 8th of July 2018 21:51
Successful DuelerSunday 8th of July 2018 21:51
Duel kingThursday 21st of February 2019 10:51
First BloodTime not recorded
Put 'em to bedTime not recorded
Grim reaperTime not recorded
Rest In PeaceTime not recorded
Unstoppable DemolitionSaturday 4th of August 2018 13:21
Mass MurdererTime not recorded
Near MissMonday 9th of July 2018 18:34
Stealth killerThursday 19th of July 2018 10:43
LeprechaunSunday 15th of July 2018 12:55
Escape artistTime not recorded
GangsterTuesday 2nd of June 2020 16:39
Interior decoratorTuesday 19th of February 2019 10:48
Gun guruSunday 27th of January 2019 16:39
Exemplar officerSaturday 16th of March 2019 18:30
Criminal mastermindSaturday 23rd of March 2019 16:17
Punctual courierThursday 19th of July 2018 10:56
ExporterThursday 28th of February 2019 17:00
Veteran playerThursday 10th of May 2018 00:54
HitmanThursday 10th of May 2018 00:54
ExecutionerThursday 10th of May 2018 00:54
Bounty HunterSunday 13th of January 2019 15:57
Team PlayerSunday 19th of April 2020 18:21
MVPMonday 20th of April 2020 12:06
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