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  1. Whatever you have saved in your clipboard, let us see it! Obviously if it's private information, you don't need to post it. I funnily enough have nothing in my clipboard as of now.
  2. Laptop: Potato. Nah, i’ll post my specs tomorrow!
  3. I shall be putting this onto our media section as soon as possible, hopefully tomorrow.
  4. I call bullshit on you being invited to be a BETA tester, your English isn’t good enough. Anyway, hi.
  5. Work. Stay awake for a week or sleep for a week?
  6. I love that Infernus.
  7. Wait, didn't @Kostas fix these yesterday?
  8. Welcome back
  9. Hey everybody! Work is still being done on the UCP! Here's a few little changes I have made. * Arrays are now used for staff ranks (makes it a lot easier for me to change if needed) * You can now change your fight style via the profile page. * Added new achievement "maze runner" to the achievement list. * Fixed a bug which could cause server problems when a user enters a blank vehicle plate. * You are now able to change your weapon sets via the UCP. * You can now see your name color via the UCP. * You are now able to see the plate color, thats if you have one via your profile. * You can now change your name color via the profile page * We now have our very own error pages for 404s and 403s.
  10. White. Potato or Waffle?
  11. Awesome work Kostas. Thank you
  12. Deathmatching: 4/10 Racing: 7.5/10 Drifting: 3/10 Mapping: 6/10 Scripting: 9/10
  13. inb4 hax.
  14. I'm fully aware of the statistics page redirecting, that should be fixed tonight. The history page is meant to be the same as the home page, I haven't actually thought of doing anything different with it yet.