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  1. You're making me feel all fuzzy inside. Thanks
  2. Small changelog for the UCP, a few more things need to be done. We'll get there eventually! * Achievements page should now show correct values. * Text change on the races page, it'll not show 1st, 2nd or 3rd instead of just 1, 2 or 3. * You can now see the most common vehicle used in each race as well as the most common racer. * Staff members can now view users ban history. * Fixed the staff page now showing any results. * When viewing your own profile, view counts wont increase. Stops people from attempting to farm views. * Reg ID is now shown on the profile page. * The history page has had a revamp, please do let me know if you see any room for improvements! Thank you
  3. What, you can spell it another way?
  4. Hey, thanks for the mention SF-SE has always been an awesome community through out the years. I've enjoyed every minute of it, from being a noob to becoming a staff member. Onwards and upwards!
  5. Just some random ss of me and kostas on the pizza race.
  6. Slight update on this one, the race time differences have been altered thanks to Kostas. A slightly better code has been put in place.
  7. Couple of small changes to note! * Race times now show the differences in time, like finishing 2nd will show how much off from 1st you was. 0.000.0 (+0.005). * You can now see you're times only instead of having to search for them. * Couple of back-end changes, nothing important.
  8. Few additions. The race page is now up, it needs a few adjustments but viewing your laptimes is now possible again! Feel free to give some suggestions on improving it!
  9. Hey guys! The User Control Panel is in the process of being uploaded, as you may see, some pages aren't up yet but will be tomorrow. Thanks for the patience
  10. Yay, awesome Kostas!
  11. Just to add, the UCP will be coming soon so you can all edit your account setting without having to login.