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  1. I also have a pretty snazzy top hat on. @Dr.Hax has some pictures I think. He stalks me.
  2. I’m 100% up for giving you a trial too see how you get on.
  3. Skin ID 3.
  4. funny

    Oh well in that case, it makes sense
  5. funny

    Sorry to be a party pooper but lying and lion don’t sound the same.
  6. Oh wow. No idea what’s causing that. I’ll fix that asap! * This should now be fixed.
  7. Shh! Nobodys supposed to know!
  8. You deserve 1 and a half cookies.. Would’ve been 2 but I ate half, sorry Dark.
  9. One small update as of today. * You can now view how long you or any other player was online for in their recent activity section.
  10. Cause they think they’re getting XP & money for free. And also, Darks a noob.
  11. Whatever you have saved in your clipboard, let us see it! Obviously if it's private information, you don't need to post it. I funnily enough have nothing in my clipboard as of now.
  12. Laptop: Potato. Nah, i’ll post my specs tomorrow!
  13. I shall be putting this onto our media section as soon as possible, hopefully tomorrow.
  14. I call bullshit on you being invited to be a BETA tester, your English isn’t good enough. Anyway, hi.