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The time has come and, we are recruiting staff members. The role of a staff member is one which demands maturity, a desire to help players, and wide-ranging knowledge about SFSE. Staff members have much fun together, but the role comes with added responsibilities. These include tending to player reports, participating in internal staff discussions, and assisting with testing of new features.

DISCLAIMER: We reserve the right to decline your admin application at any time without any given reason.

Below are some minimum requirements that we expect of an applicant:
  • Fluent in the English language (if you are multilingual, that is excellent!). By no means does this mean a level expected from your college professor, merely enough to communicate effectively.

  • A consistent level of activity (at least 10 hours monthly).

  • A clean record. This means users with previous infraction history (e.g., past bans) are not qualified.

  • Thorough knowledge about SFSE and what we have to offer.

  • We ask that you have no conflicts of interest.

  • The ability to record gameplay for all bans that you make.

  • At least 10 hours playing time (on the nick you are applying with).

  • At least 30 days registration time (on the nick you are applying with).

If you feel you meet and understand the above requirements, click here to submit an application.

In-game name:


How long have you been playing here at SFSE?:

Can you commit to being active (at least 10 hours a month)?:

Have you ever had administrative action taken against you whilst playing on SFSE or other servers?:

Do you have any previous administrating experience?:

What sets you apart from other prospective staff members? Why should we choose you?:

Do you meet all the requirements, as listed above?:


  • We seek to provide an equal opportunity. Hence, there will be no discrimination or stereotyping based on age, race or other factors.
  • Those that are accepted are appointed as a Moderator (Level 1). This is considered a trial position, allowing us to complete a full assessment.
We look forward to considering your application.

- SFSE Team
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