CnR Time Warning

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Description (in few words):
In the recent update, the rob cooldown was reduced to one minute from three minutes but we still get a warning message as if it's 180 seconds.

What is happening? Please try to be as detailed as possible:
The rob cooldown is now 60 seconds. Usually, when I try to rob before the cooldown, I would receive a warning message telling me how many seconds I've to wait till I perform another robbery.. Instead of counting down from 60, it is still counting down from 180. But since the cooldown is 60 seconds, I was however able to rob after it reached 120. Here's a screenshot below:


Steps to replicate (if possible):
Fixing the ERROR message would very much be the solution as the cooldown is one minute as mentioned.

Additional information that may be useful:
As much as I appreciate the fact that the cooldown is now 60 seconds, it would be cool if we're not able to rob the same shop twice in a row.

Desired Reward:
As per your wish.
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