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As most of you know by now, there's a tradition in SFSE to box AFK players. More on that in the main topic. This (long overdue) guide will tell you how to box players yourself.

First of all, you need to find a suitable player. The perfect command for that is /afkers, which shows you the names of AFK players along with how long they've been AFK. If possible, choose a player that's on the wanted list in the main topic.
Example of how the /afkers dialog looks:

Once you've chosen the player to box, you need to go to the player, either using the /go [player's name or ID] command or traveling manually.
Now you're ready for the boxing. The boxing process depends on whether the player is on-foot or standing on their vehicle (which happens when a player goes AFK while in a vehicle).

Boxing players that are on-foot

  1. spawn RC cam with /v rc c
  2. drive close to the AFK player
  3. spawn Luggage with /v 607
  4. exit Luggage box
  5. if everything worked, the AFK player should now be standing in the Luggage box
  6. take screenshot

Boxing players with a vehicle

  1. spawn Luggage with /v 607
  2. push the AFK player's vehicle so that the Luggage box would get under them
  3. exit Luggage box
  4. if everything worked, the AFK player should now be standing in the Luggage box
  5. take screenshot
Special cases
Sometimes you might accidentally drive the Luggage box away from the AFK player. That lets the player fall to the ground. In other words, the player is now on-foot to you, even if they had a vehicle at first. If that happens, start over according to the on-foot guide.

After boxing
Once you've boxed a player and taken a screenshot, all you need to do is upload it and post a reply on the main topic.
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Would be amazing if this is a weekly event with new threads posted every week with wanted players, based on their activity time and of course, other criteria.