[LOCKED] SF-SE's Annual Awards 2019!

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Hi all,

As always, the SF-SE Staff Team is running our annual SF-SE 2019 Awards. This year, we have a couple of more categories, and less "shaming" categories as well. You have until the 10th of January at 23:59 CST to vote, so take your time and really think who was the best of each category for 2019!

  • ONE vote per category - multiple votes will NOT be counted.
  • Multiple accounts to vote will NOT be counted, and your votes will be terminated.
  • Write-ins are allowed.
  • No voting for yourself (excluding gangs).
How to vote:
  • Send @Madvillayo a Personal Message on the SF-SE Forum by Friday, January 10th at 23:59 CST with the format provided below. You do not have to vote for everything, leave anything undecided blank. No edits, one form submission per person only. (unless contacted by Staff otherwise).
Best Stunter of 2019:
Best New Stunter of 2019:
Best Racer of 2019:
Best New Racer of 2019:
Best Deathmatcher of 2019:
Best New Deathmatcher of 2019:
Best Derby Player of 2019:
Best Goldpot Hunter:
Best Gang of 2019:
Best Member of 2019:
Best Staff Member of 2019:
Best Event of 2019:
Best Minigame of 2019:
Best SF-SE Moment of 2019:

  • $10M/winner, 200 exp.
  • Temporary Discord tags.
  • Temporary Forum title.
  • Custom userbar.
  • and more!

Winners will be announced on Sunday, January 11th. Good luck!
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