new fancy trailer


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uploaded this to the new sfse channel (idk if official)
also idk if the trailer is good enough to be on the main page


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Only challenges and command dialogs? I'd prefer a bit of anything.
I did focus on the sick edit and old trailer videis from 2010.

will make a new one soon because I still have the project file. Will add a bit of everything as you said (atleast will try to make the videos/clips fit with the wii shop song)


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So you just made a channel called San Fierro Stunt Evolution by yourself and claimed it "The official YouTube channel for San Fierro Stunt Evolution community."
To be fair, SFSE doesn't have an active YouTube channel any more. There used to be a channel called SFStuntEvolution, but the staff lost access to the account somehow. It's been sitting there like that for over 7 years. Is there really no way get back access to the former official channel?