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As you've probably noticed, we've got a brand spankin' new theme right here on our community forums!

Up until now, we've been using a combination of the default XenForo (our forum software) theme, and we also had two extra themes which were based on it, just with darker colour schemes.

I've never been happy with the previous lot, and wanted something better for you guys, so I decided to buy us a premium template from the good folks at XenFocus.

A few questions you may have...

Q: Polarbear, I hate you and I hate your new theme. Can I have the old ones back?

A: The old themes are gone, sorry! However, the good news is that you can customize the new one to your liking! Simply click on the icons in the top right hand corner, where you can choose from either light, or dark, plus adjust the background and layout of the forum:


Q: The dark theme isn't dark enough for me.
A: OK, in that case, try this.

Q: Is it responsive?
A: Yes! It should look great on mobile devices as well as tablets, and PCs.

Q: Has anything else changed?
A: Yes! The in-game players listing has been removed. It wasn't very reliable to begin with and would often show the server as offline, even when that's not the case (we appreciated your service, though, game-state!). In its place, the comments system has been added. Now you can be more social, and socialize, and things...

Q: I don't care, I just want a server update. Can I have a server update?
A: Because you're nice - yes! Whilst one has only just been freshly baked, a new one is on the way! cawfee will do nasty things to me if I say too much, so I won't say too much, but I will say we're hoping to get a thing or two in that SEF players will be familiar with, along with admin-controlled virtual worlds (events!!11!!) and maybe if you're lucky, some juicy juiciness for gangs!

Thanks, and enjoy!

With much love,


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just saying, the size of signature got bigger than last forum, its not bad but like... should there be limit of resolution ?


wai2014(5): sim
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just saying, the size of signature got bigger than last forum, its not bad but like... should there be limit of resolution ?

Good point - I'll try and circle up on this later today :)

Applauds, a nice theme that sits nice for the eye, both dark and light themes.

Will there be more background options in the future?

Sure, these are based on jpg files:

I'll look out for some some gems later today, but feel free to make suggestions as well. We've got 7 free slots left for background choices.