Quality of Life Improvements and In-Depth Suggestions


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I've been a SF-SE player for a long time, but I can't help but feel there are some things that need to be changed for them to feel better. Here they are:

*Add /d as a shortcut for /deliver.
*Deliveries should have increased rewards based on the distance between the business and the Truck Stop. The base price should be $10,000 and 2XP that should increase the farther you travel. I believe a cap of $25,000 and 5XP is fair.
*The option for having a Bobcat as an option for delivering goods. These bobcats carry HALF of what a regular truck would carry. It's useful for topping off your business goods without having to drive slowly. The Bobcat can be used by typing /d2 or /deliver2.
*Replace the Delivery icon with 1598253917358.png instead of the Red Blip on the radar. This is to avoid confusion when someone has a red name color.

*Add the /spawn command as a way of selecting your spawn area. It'll open a menu that'll have a list of the places you can spawn. By default, it has LS, SF, LV, LSair, SFair and LVair. However, if you own a house, it will also show up on your spawn list.
*Gang Houses. I think this is a good way of fleshing out the Gang System. Having a spawn point for gangs is a good way to have a hideout. Perhaps only a Gang Owner can purchase a house. It's a great way of occupying the empty houses in the server. Members of a gang that owns a gang house will be able to select the gang house as their spawn point.

*Add /toghyd as a toggle for hydraulics. These toggle changes persist through logging in and out.
*/fs changes now persist through logging in and out. You can keep your fighting style without having to manually select it every time you spawn.
*/exit and /leave now also counts as /specoff when being a spectator.
*When you take damage in the last five seconds in a DM Map, you cannot use /exit. This is to avoid death evading.
*Being able to toggle gang chat/radio chat/whisper/admin chat using /togchat. Typing /togchat will pop up a menu that lets you toggle these three settings. They don't have to persist through logging in and out.
*We should be able to vote for swars, like voting for maps in Derby. Votes can only happen when a swar ends, be it timing out or claiming. Only people who participated in the swar can vote. There are always 3 choices with the difficulty being random.

*Add the ability for admins to hide their presence by using /hiderank or /hr. This is so admins can join the server without scaring off hackers/rule breakers. This will persist through logging in and out and admins have to toggle this.
*Add /lw and /sw. These are Load Warp and Save Warp. Essentially, when you type /sw, you save your momentum and speed for when you use /lw. It's useful for when you have a specific angle for when you wanna stunt. I dunno if this should be usable on Swar, but it'll be useful for stunting outside of it. Maybe it'll be cool for swar too, it's a toss up in my book.
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I feel these could actually be pretty useful.

I'd love too see new vehicle types being added to the delivery missions, such as the Benson, Boxville etc. Maybe even the possibility of being able to take an exact number of crates, say a business needed 37 crates, when entering the delivery checkpoint a dialog would show asking how many crates you would like.


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Jeez that's a lot of suggestions for one topic! Without going too deep into any of these, there are some things I want to write.

First of all, several of your suggestions already exist on the server:
/sw and /lw do exactly what you've described.
Chat toggles are available in /settings -> Chat.
It's already possible to choose your spawn point. When connecting, just click on the left and right arrows at the bottom of the screen. Houses can be set as a spawn point through /myhouse.

Second, some of your suggestions have already been suggested and haven't been implemented:
For /hiderank, see this topic.
I know various ideas for preventing death evasion in DMs have been suggested, but I couldn't find any topics.

Third, I agree that more settings should be saved across sessions. You've suggested this for /fs and /hyd, but I'd expand it to /l and /lw as well.

Finally, my ideas on some of the remaining suggestions:
/exit and /leave for /specoff seem so natural for me that I accidentally type /exit instead of /specoff 10-20% of the time. I don't see any reason why they shouldn't count as /specoff.
Red flag for truck pickup icon would surely make things clearer.
In general, shortcuts for long commands sounds good. Regarding /d for /deliver, it's too similar to /dd for /derby (Demolition Derby). Maybe /de or /del would be better.