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25 May 2019


* Add a One Shot deathmatch. As the title suggests, it will take one shot to kill a fellow player. Weapons are automatically switched and the selection currently includes Silenced Pistol, Deagle, Shotgun, and Sniper.
* Work around SA-MP bug which desyncs players when their throat is cut from a knife. Players should be properly killed now.
* Teles -> Skill maps now redirects to our modern /challenges dialog.
* Reduce the chance of players falling underneath the map at races and at various teleports. Due to lag, this can not be entirely prevented but it should be significantly reduced now. Please note, this is rather experimental so do report any issues.
* Add /afkers to display a list of players currently AFK (with a pretty timestamp).
* Improved Derby to allow for explosions as the few moments it gives can be critical to victory. Previously players were removed when their vehicle caught fire.
* Performance improvements.


* Fix players remaining frozen in CnR if the cop abandons the transport vehicle. Reported by @Polarbear
* Fix /nos being potentially usable in non-nitro races.
* Fix only cops having armor in CnR. Reported by @SimpleX
* Fix race toptime message formatting and an issue where a player would see a completely wrong time. Reported by @Sulps
* Fix bugged spectator state which might happen to Derby players. This is due to a SA-MP bug.
* Fix wheel preference not being applied unless autotune is enabled. If autotune is enabled, random wheels will be set if there is no preference. Reported by @S!lent

[Map updates]


* Implement the first ever Underwater Derby map. Yes. It's as awesome as it sounds!
* Update Drag map. The map is much smoother now and some bugs were fixed.
* Huge update to 1337land. Adds a new island, bug fixes, performance improvements and custom houses!


* Adjust ramps near Hoover Dam which blocked the road.
* Fix missing object in an LV wallride.
* Fix very small object in IP3's wallride (was barely perceptible but could still lead to failure).
* Remove some pointless objects in LV which blocked roads or generally served no use.
* Implement THREE new Skydive challenges, thanks to SEF. They live in a new category in /teles - Skydives. More on the way.
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21 June 2019


* Add support for new race types: Multiple Vehicle and Custom.

A multiple vehicle race is similar to a regular race; difference being support for checkpoints which change a racer's current vehicle.
A custom race is a race where vehicle nitro and repair usage are controlled by checkpoints and current race progress. Vehicle changing is supported as well.
Special checkpoints introduced by these types are denoted by a text label during the race. Click here and here for a example!

* Car hide (/carhide). Ever felt laggy in a race with many players or distracted by others? Use /carhide to race privately. Thanks to @Bassam for suggesting.
* Hydraulics can no longer be applied during a race.
* Vehicles can no longer be spawned during a race.
* Players can now vote for redo if they've finished the race and others are still racing.
* Message to vote for the next race will only be shown if there isn't another race in queue.
* Fix nitro not being removed from vehicles in races with nitro disabled and no required vehicle preference.
* Fix possibility of player object streaming not being in accordance with a race's preference
* Fix object streaming not returning to preference if spectating a racer who uses /leave. Reported by Kostas.

[Race Building]

* Add support for Multiple Vehicle and Custom race types.

/vcp - Adds a vehicle change checkpoint. One's current vehicle is used as the swap vehicle. Suppose you are building a race with an Infernus as the starting vehicle and you would like to change to a Sandking. Simply spawn a Sandking and then use /vcp.
/rcp - Adds a repair checkpoint. This will repair a racer's vehicle.
/ncp - Adds a nitro checkpoint. When entered, it will apply the nitro component to a racer's vehicle.
/rncp - Adds a repair and nitro checkpoint. This will both repair the racer's vehicle and add the nitro component.
Updated Checkpoints dialog (/rb -> Checkpoints) to denote special checkpoints.

* Race previewing now calculates time taken and displays it when finished. Suggested by @S!lent
* Map icons are now visible to denote the next CP location as in regular races. Suggested by @Sulps.
* Improved help documentation. See /rb -> Help.
* Fix nitro being usable while previewing a race which disallows it.
* Fix previewing status remaining set after a new submission is loaded if one was previewing a race earlier.
* Fix vehicle angle not being properly set when previewing a race or selecting a CP.
* Fix race settings (nitro and object streaming) not being transferred properly in an accepted submission. Apologies to those who thought their races were being tampered with!
* Fix inability to use /rb after finishing a race.


Thanks to @Faker for reporting issues.

* Fix damage toggle not working properly.
* Fix players taking fall damage when they shouldn't.
* Fix glitched removal when players are in vehicles
* Fix arming players not working properly.
* Fix players not being eliminated from the world after death if configured so


* Fix MMB wrongly setting a vehicle's virtual world. Reported by @Kostas
* Fix courier and business delivery missions not ending when the required vehicles are destroyed. Reported by @Sulps
* Fix missing join message for GunGame.
* Fix logic error in spectate switch code
* Fix robber not being unfrozen if the patrol vehicle is destroyed
* Fix /getcolor not showing the complete hex code when the red channel is 0. Reported by @Sulps.
* Fix issues with teleporting to a business while in a vehicle. Reported by @DarkVengeance
* Enable friendly fire for team vehicles in CnR
* Add two secret house interiors. Thanks to nigelben for pointing them out
* Add gym interior for businesses. Suggested by @Zulo
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27 July 2019

* Stunt Wars

To reignite interest in stunting, we have designed a competitive stunting minigame. Stunts start periodically and run for 20 minutes. In this time, anyone will be able to join using /swar and attempt to complete the stunt by entering and remaining in the checkpoint for 5 seconds. Each stunt allows /s and /l (NUM 2 as a hotkey to /l) to be utilized since there are multiple ways a stunt may be completed. There is an arrow pickup which will serve as a guide on how to perform a stunt.
Once one completes the stunt, the stunt ends and is consequently controlled by that player. Our system supports unlimited stunts and they can be created and managed on the fly by higher level staff. There are currently 40 to start.

Credit largely goes to @Madvillayo; whose ideas and framework for this minigame made it possible! He is also responsible for all of the lovely stunts!

* User interface improvements. The bar textdraw (which formerly indicated players in minigames) has been removed and replaced. There is now a global announcement textdraw to encourage participation in minigames and a tip textdraw for informational messages.
* Weapon can now be bought at any time through /buyweapon or /weapons. Conditions apply.
* Deaths are no longer counted against stats in the Shooter minigame.
* Fix objects potentially being bugged for spectators of racers.
* Fix players remaining in internal spectating state if they die while spectating. Reported by @Kostas
* Fix challenges not spawning the required vehicle when the player was in a vehicle already. Reported by @Bassam and @Luis.
* Fix ability to use a different trailer in the /delivery minigame. Reported by @Sulps
* Fix delivery mission ending when a player's vehicle was destroyed. Reported by @Sulps
* Fix race top time notification not displaying if a player had a top time before that, or if it's worse. Reported by @Sulps.
* Fix animations not working the first time.
* New and improved animations (/anims):
/siteat, /sit (added 6 styles), /cheer, /deal, /dj, /smoke, /walk (added 20 styles), /dance (added 9 styles), /nobreath, /signal, /wave (adds 2 new styles), /gesture, /chat /handwash, /rap, /salute, /cry, /checktime, /sleep

Map updates

* Infernus Skills II. Huge thanks to @IroniZ who submitted this map to me over a year ago.
* Moved Trackmania III to avoid conflicting with Trackmania II. Trackmania II can now be completed nicely!
* Minor update to @Madvillayo's 1337land
* Remove Monster Hay


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6 Sep 2019


* Fix various Stunt War bugs. Thanks to everyone who reported issues! :)
* Fix only 5 gang join invitations showing while there are more.
* Fix Stunts not reflecting the controllers new name after they had changed it.
* Stunts landed have been added to the /stats dialog.
* Add Stunt God achievement (land 200 stunts).
* Add Stunt War to the /minigames dialog. Thanks @Sulps for suggesting.
* Deaths should no longer count in the Shooter minigame. Thanks to @panulis for noting.
* Add command /cptype for race builders to change the type of a checkpoint on the fly.

[Map updates by @Madvillayo ]

* Aweome new Derby additions: Pyramids, Hawaii and King of the Hill!
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12 Oct 2019

Happy Halloween!

Featured in this update is our annual pumpkin hunt. There are a total of fifty pumpkins hidden around the San Andreas map. Each pumpkin will contain a "trick or treat" and there will be a generous reward given when all fifty are found. Thanks to @Madvillayo for gathering the positions!​

* New Survivor minigame! It is a team survival based minigame featuring "killers" and "survivors". Killers are armed with only a chainsaw and the ability to place traps and survivors are unarmed, left to find weapons around the vast map. The killers can win by eliminating all survivors and survivors can win by either surviving for a period of time or by killing all killers with discovered weapons. Idea and map courtesy of @Madvillayo.
* Replace Minigun (/mg) Atrium map with an arena near the outskirts of LV.
* Add option to hide/show all textdraws at once in /tdsettings (or /settings -> Textdraw preferences). Suggested by @Madvillayo
* Fix possibility of dying in Stunt Wars when falling from far heights. Reported by @Madvillayo.
* Fix weapons being carried over when they shouldn't be. Reported by @Silent
* Reduce chance of being lodged in the ground after using /reset in a race. Reported by @Madvillayo.
* Probably fix flying as a result of world boundaries being set in Private Deathmatches. Reported by @Shaan
* Fix text labels streaming in for players who have chosen not to see them (/textlabels). Reported by @Madvillayo
* Stunt Wars now have a difficulty rating which effects their reward values. Suggested by @Madvillayo
* Fix collisions being possibly disabled in a stunt war if the player joining was previously racing. Reported by @Silent
* Fix interior being invalid in a courier job if started in a house or business. Reported by @Shaan.
* Fix passengers being teleported to a Stunt War. Reported by @Panos
* Fix gang zone remaining in a flashing state if someone left a gang that was under attack. Reported by @Polarbear.

Map updates (by @Madvillayo)

* NEW Jizzy's spawn point (/sf)


Server Owner
30 Nov 2019

Happy Holidays from the SFSE Team!

* Per our annual tradition, we are running our Santa hat hunt. Thanks to @BloodR1ng for working with me to gather positions. Happy hunting! :)
* /snowball is back, and with several bug fixes and improvements!
* /xmas featuring a holiday party area.
* /snow to make it snow!
* Fix a Stunt War bug that resulted in passengers entering the world.


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17 Jan 2020

* Key num 2 for position restoration (/lpos) now works in Freeroam. Please note, this only works while in a vehicle.
* Carhide now works in Stunt Wars as well (/carhide).
* New command /togload to toggle num 2 position load shortcut.
* Weapons everywhere! Players are now armed with weapons all the time and safe zones no longer remove them. Please note, damage is still disabled in safe areas and this is experimental.
* Joining a gang now informs joining member of the basics of gangs (the /gang command and chat prefix).
* /gang -> Members now displays whether a member is online.
* Fix teleportation to a gang zone not resetting virtual world.
* Stunt wars can no longer be won on foot.
* Fix players being able to repeatedly add hydraulics to their vehicles.
* VIP members now have an attached text label showing their status.
* Derby maps now support custom time and weather.

Map updates

* TWO new Derby maps by NoType - Atlantis and Project Zero.
* UPDATED Pyramids map by Madvillayo.
* Fix spawnpoints for Waterfall.


Server Owner
28 Feb 2020


* Export minigame now shows how much time one has to deliver the wanted vehicle.
* Add new arena "LS Boat" to the Private DM arena choices. Thanks @Madvillayo.
* Add THREE new exterior deathmatch locations to /deagle. Thanks @Madvillayo.
* Add TEN drift locations - see /drift for a listing. Courtesy of @Madvillayo.
* /top now includes "Best Stunters" - those who have won the most Stunt Wars.
* Stunt War waiting time has been reduced to 3 minutes (was 5 before).
* Races waiting time has been reduced to 30 seconds (from 60 before). Thanks @Amaluna.
* Players will be spawned properly within the start CP of a race. Thanks to @Sulps for pointing out issues.
* Car jacking will no longer be possible during the wait time for a race. Thanks @Amaluna.
* Player gangs will now earn a goldstar for every 10th killstreak. Thanks @Messi.
* Refine server rules a tad. Thanks to @Amaluna.
* Players are now informed of the arena's name when a deathmatch map is changed.
* FIX regression of /vr from the last update.
* FIX regression of custom weapon set slot one in last update. Thanks to @Codriver for reporting.
* FIX weapon purchasing not working in Cops and Robbers.
* FIX house vehicle not being removed from gang turf wars. Reported by @Codriver.
* FIX key NUM 2 (control submission) not behaving as a /flip shortcut when /togload is disabled.

Map updates:

* TWO new Derby maps: Nujabes by @Madvillayo and Vulcano by @NoType.
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