SFSE turns eight!


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Hello, dear community:

We are delighted to announce that today marks eight years of San Fierro Stunt Evolution.

SFSE has defining aspects that have kept it exceptional over the years.

* We strive to have a vibrant and friendly community where everyone feels welcome to play and have a chat here.
* Thanks to the contributions of many, SFSE sees continued improvements and emphasizes quality.
* A unique and scalable SA-MP playing experience with an insatiable desire to improve.
* Strong communication between staff and players.
* Security as a priority and habit; not an afterthought.

Milestones for the past year

Bye bye Pawn, hello C++

On December 30th 2017, we retired the PAWN gamemode in favor of our C++ gamemode. After a few years of work between AndreT and myself, it promised to offer revamps of existing features, new and improved features, and a revolutionary (for SA-MP) framework. Back then, we were releasing two or more updates per day in order to fix bugs and stability issues (not all of which were notable of a mention in the changelog!).
Since then, our gamemode has gone from strength-to-strength, offering many unique features and growing to reach a fair level of stability.

A complete community forum revamp

Over the years, we utilized various forum software packages, including SMF, IP.Board, and now, as of January 20th 2018, XenForo! This gives us access to all the latest, most cutting-edge forum software features, designed to better engage people, and allow them to express themselves, like never before!


On July 19th, we acquired Stunt Evolution Freeroam, a reputable server with a friendly community and similar offerings. Many thanks goes to SEF and the members from SEF who have joined us!

Plenty of updates

In the past 8 months, the gamemode has seen several hundred unique changes including bug fixes, back-end improvements, new features and feature upgrades. Our rate of delivery exceeds all of our competitors combined.


Thanks goes to @Polarbear for all he does for SFSE. His dedication, time, and effort has helped to shape the direction of SFSE in a positive way.
@Polarbear's touch has improved aspects of SFSE including server security, our forum, innovative ideas and more. The work he puts in truly can't be understated.

Thanks goes to @AndreT and @Techie for all they have done and continue to do for SFSE.

Thanks goes to NoType. In the past year, @NoType has contributed an impressive 13 maps of high quality. He can't be thanked enough for his creativity.

Thanks to our staff team whose joint effort keeps the server clean of cheaters and represents SFSE in good way for new and regular players alike.

Thanks to everyone who makes suggestions, reports bugs, and participates as a member of the community.
It is you who makes SFSE inviting to new players and help to move the project forward.

Moving forward

@Polarbear and I will continue to do our best to offer our players a unique and cutting edge gaming experience. Many of the changes we make are based on your feedback, so we urge you to get involved as we reach the top!

As always, we hope to make today a fun-filled day in-game with plenty of events to celebrate. At the end of the day, we will be crediting everyone who joins today with 100XP and $100,000 cash.

Have a great day,

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I dont wanna be banned again for causing nuisance but sef hasnt been acquired, maro sold it for the second time and its being run by someone else

You're not causing a nuisance :) Phraseology can always be given different meanings. In our view, it is most definitely an acquisition, as we have taken control of the official sefserver.com domain name and its traffic.

Sadly, popup outfits such as the instance you're talking about will always be the case. All I do know is that, in the most respectful way possible to its new owner - it won't last. The fact they need to plagiarize threads that were specifically created for SFSE (like our admin app template, and many others...) for use on their forum, goes to show how creative they really are, which is definitely an indication of how successful they'll be. cawfee and I even had a good laugh about another freeroam server that recently popped up that decided to steal our registration screen message, word for word.

Nevertheless, let's not drag this off-topic any further; this thread is to celebrate SFSE's birthday, and not the SEF acquisition (which, we are still extremely happy about, the response from SEF's members joining SFSE has been excellent)

I hope everyone enjoyed SFSE's eighth birthday! :)


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Well once again late to the party...
Real life has this annoying habit of getting in the way sometimes =S

Hope the celebrations went with a bang!

I personally want to say a huge thank you for letting me be a part of something as awesome as SFSE.
Good luck and long life.



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How do I manage to miss the events every year (except 2012)? Oh right, I only check the forum once a day, in the morning (if possible). Cawfee's message was written at 14:37 for me.