[SUGGESTION] Stunt War Voting System


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Hello Everybody!

This suggestion is related to stunt war ( /swar ). My suggestion is to add a voting system for the minigame similar to /racevote but with some variations.

Players can vote for the next swar by inputting the command /swarvote. The command can be changed, it really doesn't matter much.

To avoid the misuse of the voting system by always voting a green stunt war every time, I have came up with an idea. The idea is that all the stunts in the voting box should belong to the same difficulty category i.e. Green, Yellow or Red. This category will be randomly generated. The minimum number of stunts in the box should be three and maximum should be five, in my opinion. The number can be changed.

Thank You!


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It's a good and fair idea but I'm pretty sure people will always go for the easiest, especially those that just want to farm score&xp and an extra 1 stunt landed. A lot of people like challenging stunts (Big Ear CB, Avispa Infy DB, Infy hut, Verona CB II, V-Rock Infy...) Most of these challenging stunts are disliked by a lot of other players aswell. So implementing such an idea would make stunt wars less challenging and personally I don't think stunt wars need to be even less challenging because a lot of annoying stunts were removed lately and replaced with easier ones, so the stunt moderators are doing what is best for the minigame. It's still not fair to go all negative on this idea, I'd like to suggest that after any red stunt war that loads, a vote can take place to decide which stunt can load next, and the vote has to be between 2 stunts only. (maybe 3?). That suggestion applies to red stunts only, so whenever a red stunt loads, we can vote for a stunt after it.