Survivor map glitches


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Description (in few words): The map of /survivor has several glitches that allow the player to exit the map or stand mid-air.

What is happening? Please try to be as detailed as possible:
When I played /survivor yesterday, I discovered the first 2 glitches. Today, I investigated the glitches and also found the 3rd one. I wasn't able to get any players to /survivor today, so I checked the glitches in the freeroam world. The map should still be the same, though.

1. There is a place where the wall (vertical runway) allows the player to slide down the cliff into the sea. It's located in the middle of the southern edge of the map.

2. There is a gap in the invisible wall in the southern part of the map, a little northeast of the first glitch. This gap is just wide enough for the player to walk through. It allows the player to go to the otherwise inaccessible southeastern part of the map. From there, you can see the map of Monster Challenge (/mc).

3. The 2 fallen trees have awkward collisions. The lower, thicker parts are fine. The higher, narrower parts don't collide with the player. Instead, there's an invisible box right next to them.

Steps to replicate (if possible): Join /survivor. Go to the places shown below.
Alternative steps, in case you can't get another player to /survivor: Teleport to /party in the freeroam world. Fly south. Go to the places shown below.

Additional information that may be useful (include screenshots or videos here):
Already in the sea

I later found the glitched spot. You can see the wall going really deep down at that spot.

The gap in the invisible wall is directly below me

Just south of the gap. The first glitched spot is in the fog ahead.

The southeastern tip of the survivor map. You can see the Monster Challenge map ahead.

Oh look at that! I've been impaled.

You can see me standing inside the tree, while my bike is floating mid-air (on the invisible box)

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As far as the fallen trees goes, that's just a Rockstar thing where the collision is ABOVE the tree. You have to approach the tree and climb it.

The bad boundaries are my fault but it's odd, this may actually be an older variant of the map I sent.


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I would like to add that there are two bugs in this minigame but couldn't catch them while recording:

The minigame ends without any reason. You are for example playing against survivors and then you get a random message that says "The round has ended due to lack of killers/survivors" (can't remember the message because nobody plays it anymore) even the amount of killers is correct and nobody of them left and after a few seconds the minigame/round starts normally again.

The weapons spawn all at once in one location. I joined the minigame and there were 2 killers following me and I went to the tree side (I used to find atleast a pistol there) but didn't find anything and I kept searching all around the map and all the locations and I ended up finding all weapons in one location and could pick all of them up.