Perks for regular players

SFSE has some features that can only be unlocked if you have spent enough time online. The previous system where players would be rewarded these features for donating is no longer used and instead, the hours required for accessing the features has been reduced.

Weapon sets

Weapon sets are unlocked as follows:
Regular weapons 0+ hours
Advanced weapons 5+ hours
Expert weapons 15+ hours
Custom weapons 25+ hours (modify from the UCP)

Special vehicle add-ons (10+ hours)

After being online for at least 10 hours, players get access to commands /siren, /headlights, /neon and /neontype that allow them to attach custom police sirens, headlights and neon color bars to their vehicles.

Ability to buy a house (25+ hours)

Players can buy a house after they have spent at least 25 hours online. For more information on houses, see the properties page.

Business perks

45+ hours: Goods delivery mission trailers contain up to 100 more crates of goods.
60+ hours: Business storages can contain 100% more goods, 2000 units instead of the previous 1000.
70+ hours: Players can simultaneously own up to 10 businesses (previously 5).

Larger area of affected players in /cd (30+ hours)

Players who have spent at least 30 hours online can display their custom countdown (/cd or /countdown) to more players (at a 2x larger distance) than regular players.

Custom over-head text (50+ hours)

Players who have spent more than 50 hours online can add a special over-head text label to their character on the server. This label can be configured from the UCP.

Ability to spawn deadly vehicles (50+ hours)

Players who have spent more than 50 hours online have the right to spawn vehicles Hydra, Hunter, Rhino, Rustler and Seasparrow, which all carry special destruction weapons. Note that the usage of these weapons against other players is discouraged and the vehicle will be destroyed after firing three shots.