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VIP subscriptions

VIP stands for Very Important Player and players with the special status have access to several special features that are otherwise not available to all players or only become available if the players have been online for a long enough time.

The idea behind offering subscribable VIP status is to help keep our server alive by raising extra money for server and SA-MP hosted listing fees. By donating just $3.00 USD per month players can get access to several special features and help keep their community alive.


  • $1,000,000 in-game money
  • A V.I.P badge on the forum
  • Ability to change your forum user title
  • Ability to access a V.I.P only forum
  • Greater range in custom countdown (/cd) (from 50 to 100 units)
  • Custom over-head 3D text label (/label) and color changing! (partial unlock at 50 hrs)
  • Deal 0.05% more damage to players (unlocks at 75 hrs)
  • Your businesses can hold 100% more goods for a maximum of 2000 crates (/bizhelp)
  • Freedom to own 10 businesses simultaneously (5 otherwise)
  • Deliver 100% more goods to businesses!
  • Ability to spawn the vehicles Hydra, Hunter, Rhino, Rustler and Seasparrow (unlocks at 50 hrs)
  • Three additional object attachment slots (/attach)!


If you are interested in donating, please send cawfee a message.