Bitchele. (643)

General information

Bitchele. is a regular player.
Member since Sunday 25th of June 2017 21:25 (member for 506 days)
Last seen online Sunday 19th of November 2017 14:26 (359 days ago)
Experience: 12472XP
Money: $114577146


Kills: 1756
Deaths: 805
K/D ratio: 2.18
Biggest killstreak: 30

Derby wins: 866
Fallout wins: 0
Maze wins: 3
Duels played: 0
Duels won: 0
Math questions won: 556
Reaction tests won: 1395
Goldpots found: 233

Bitchele. has participated in 713 races, won 685 of them, finished second 25 times and finished third 3 times.


Total time spent online: 190 hours & 7 minutes
There are no session records to display for Bitchele. from the last 6 months!


Player has 17 achievements. Latest 5 are displayed here. See all.
Novice racernot recorded
Rest In Peacenot recorded
Grim reapernot recorded
Put 'em to bednot recorded
First Bloodnot recorded

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