Stunt Evolution Freeroam joins San Fierro Stunt Evolution!

If you are viewing this page, you likely visited sefserver.com in your web browser, and got redirected to sf-se.net. This is because San Fierro Stunt Evolution has officially acquired Stunt Evolution Freeroam! Continue reading for everything you need to know...

July 19th 2018 is the date that the deal was agreed, and completed. In this deal, we have acquired the sefserver.com domain name, as well as their builds.

Below, we will attempt to answer any questions that you may have.

Q: Will my account or statistics be transferred over?
A: The deal consisted of the domain name, and builds. Therefore, your account or statistics will not be transferred. We do, however, welcome you to register in-game (sf-se.net:7777) and on our forum.

Q: Are the staff going to be the same as before?
A: SEF admins are more than welcome to apply for staff status, and may be promptly accepted.

Q: Is the SEF gamemode going to be used at SFSE?
A: SFSE is powered by C++, whilst SEF is powered by Pawn. As such, the two gamemodes are not directly compatible. We will look to implement your favourite SEF features as promptly as possible!

Q: I have another question, how can I get in touch?
A: Feel free to register an account on our forum and make a topic. Alternatively, send a PM to cawfee or Polarbear, the SFSE owners. You can also email us at info@sf-se.net.