San Fierro Stunt Evolution - Come and join us!

Wanna check out all our achievements on the server, or see who has the most out of everybody? You can do that here!

All Achievements
Achievement Description Times Achieved
First Blood Kill a player! 4,916
Mass Murderer Kill thirty players without dying. 57
Rest In Peace Die two hundred times. 138
Put Em' To Bed Kill two hundred fifty opponents. 93
Grim Reaper Kill two thousand opponents. 5
Score Whore Earn 3,000 XP. 28
Filthy Rich Earn 10 million. 37
Living the Dream Buy a house. 96
Speedy Fingers Win 100 reaction tests. 65
Calculator Solve 150 maths questions. 24
Levitator Win 50 fallout rounds. 2
Indestructible Win fifty derby rounds 64
New Player Spend one hour online. 2,685
Regular Player Spend 50 hours online. 44
No Lifer Spend 500 hours online. 2
Duel Virginity Win a duel. 848
Duel King Win 50 duels. 31
Novice Racer Finish a race. 1,786
First Time Winner Finish a race. 1,349
Winner At Life Win five hundred races. 4
Gold Pot Hunter Find one hundred goldpots. 13
Near Miss 0.1seconds away from a new race record. 15
Hitman Fullfill a hit contract. 34
Silent Killer Kill a player with a knife. 174
Elite Racer Finish 1,000 races in first place. 2
Away From Keyboard Go AFK for an hour. 178
Most Achievements Earnt
Player Total
Kostas 26/26
Reivo 22/26
Confidential_ 21/26
Bitchele. 18/26
Sulps 17/26
Shinobi 16/26
Ricibom 16/26
Death 16/26
itsIrfan 16/26
gamer_x 15/26
TheDarkness 15/26
ItsmeSayyid 15/26
T_Decoy 15/26
Vipper_Boss 15/26
[RRz]EsperZ 15/26