San Fierro Stunt Evolution - Come and join us!
Most of the general questions regarding the server will be answered here, please do take a look if you're new or just want to brush up on server knowledge.

Who owns this server?

The current owners are TheDarkness & cawfee. You can view an extensive list of our staff members here

Where can I read the server rules?

You can view the rules by typing /rules in game.

Is there an IRC channel?

There sure is! You can join it on using the #SFSE.

I've seen a hacker, how can I report them?

You can use /report when in game, first check if there is any staff members online using /admins other wise you can report them via the forum by clicking here.

I've been bannned, how can I get unbanned?

If you feel as though you've been wrongfully banned, feel free to post an appeal here and wait for one of the staff members to reply.
If you've been temporarly banned then you'll be automatically unbanned on the date shown.

How can I earn money?

Earning money is pretty easy on our server, you can take part in minigames, races and even reaction tests! Money can be spent on houses, betting on other people duels.

How can I become an administrator?

When you're asked to become one by a server owner. If you ask and keep asking then your chances will be getting smaller & smaller.

Can I donate to the server?

Donations are what keep the server running, and allow us to get little additions such as TeamSpeak. For more information, visit here.