How to take screenshots of folders if required.

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In order to take any screenshots we request from you, do the following:-
  1. Go to the drive that you have San Andreas installed on and use the top right button to change the folder view to 'details'
  2. Before opening the folder where GTA is installed press Print Screen on your keyboard (it may be called Prt Scr)
  3. Open MSPaint (or your favourite image editor) and choose Paste, the image should then be on your screen. Choose Save as from the file menu and save your image as a Jpeg or Png.
  4. Open your GTA folder and press Prt Scr again and repeat the Paste and Save instructions. you should now have 2 saved images.
  5. Repeat for the next image ( your cleo folder (if you have one): ) and Paste and Save as before.
  6. Now open SAMP and choose 'Tools' and click settings and a small box will appear. Press Prt Scr again and Paste and Save as before you should now have 4 images. These are the images we need you to upload.
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