Server Rules

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Head Admin
Hello, here's the server rules, we expect you to follow these at all times, failure to do so may result in a ban.

  1. Do not use hacks, CLEOs or modifications of any kind that may have an affect on multiplayer gaming.
  2. Do not spam / flood or advertise, this is SF-SE and SF-SE only (this goes for mentioning or servers names too)
  3. Do not flame, insult or bait others, or even create an unfriendly atmosphere, be respectful of others.
  4. Do not scam, share personal information of others without their consent, or ruin events.
  5. Do not car-jack, The server provides enough vehicles for all, and even has a command to spawn your own (/v - /car)
  6. Do not abuse SA-MP or SF-SE bugs, this excludes the likes of 2-Shot & C-Bug.
  7. Do not use capital letters excessively in chat.
  8. Do not ask for money, rewards or promotions, Read the /faq in game.
  9. Do not manipulate server features to regain health, evade death or for your advantage.
  10. Do not impersonate server staff or players alike.
  11. Keep your username appropriate.
  12. Teaming in public deathmatch arenas is forbidden, unless consent from both parties is given.
  13. Demeaning others based on their gender or sexual harrasment will NOT be tolerated.
  14. Staff have discretion in disallowing undesirable behavior which may not be covered here.
Thank you for reading and understanding, we hope you enjoy your time here!
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