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The lists of teleports in /t don't include every teleport and need updating. Most obviously, the 10 drift locations named /drift1-10 should be added to the drift locations category. Also, bike school (/bs) is missing. That should go to either Crazy Maps or Misc.
Some teleports are listed in multiple categories. For example, Infernus Paradise 3 (/ip3) is listed in 3 categories: new maps, crazy maps and challenges. If a map is duplicated, one in new maps and the other in another category, that's fine. But if the duplicates are in categories like crazy maps and challenges, we should settle on one category and remove it from the other. For example, IP3 should be kept in the new maps and challenges categories, but removed from the crazy maps category.


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All of these are easily fixable and can probably be done for the next update, thanks :)

As a side note since you mentioned New Maps. This category has always bugged me for a number of reasons, chief among which is that most of them aren't new (for example, rainbow road). And I feel like it will give players the impression that all the other categories are old and boring, and so they probably won't look at them.

I mentioned this to cawfee last night and he was in agreement, so there's a good chance we will remove the New Maps option from /t, and instead, apply the "NEW!" badge for any new maps that are added, i.e:


We also need to more carefully consider what we define as "new". I'm thinking maps that have been added within the past 90 days are worthy of that label. Right now they seem to keep the label permanently, which of course isn't good.


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For the next update, the following has been done:

1.) The 10 drift locations (/drift) have been added to /teles -> Drift Maps and have been given designations based on their locale.
2.) Bike School (/bs) has been added to /teles -> Crazy Maps
3.) Duplicated teleports have been removed. They now reside where most suitable.
4.) /teles section New Maps has been removed and the "new" badge will be attached to teleports added within the last 90 days.

Thanks to @bear and @Sulps for the constructive ideas here!

Also, should anyone have any ideas in mind for new additions to /teles, we'd be happy to hear them :)
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