AchievementTimes achieved
Novice racerFinish 1 race21403
Experienced racerFinish 50 races542
Racing kingFinish 200 races181
First-time winnerWin 1 race15645
Experienced winnerWin 30 races539
Winner at lifeWin 100 races207
Lucky championBeat a race opponent by less than 0.5sec1175
Forever secondFinish 10 races in 2nd place799
Race ConstructorBuild a race274
Record KingBeat a race record818
MTV CribsBuy a house767
EntrepreneurshipLease a business437
Away From KeyboardAFK for 1 hour2087
Grand AFK MasterAFK for 5 hours268
Starting memberOnline for 1 hour35994
Regular playerOnline for 10 hours3908
Attached playerOnline for 50 hours705
Addicted playerOnline for 200 hours169
Grand MasterOnline for 500 hours77
Score WhoreEarn 3000EXP434
Filthy RichEarn $10,000,000559
Duel VirginityPlay a duel3651
Successful DuelerWin a duel2937
Duel kingWin 100 duels52
First BloodDie once109853
Put 'em to bedKill 100 opponents4845
Grim reaperKill 500 opponents1012
Rest In PeaceDie 200 times4309
Unstoppable DemolitionWin 3 derbies in a row4170
Mass MurdererKill 8 enemies without dying4750
Near Miss0.1sec away from a new race record110
Stealth killerKill an enemy with a knife2201
LeprechaunFind 5 goldpots in a row397
Escape artistEscape from 100 mazes30
GangsterKill someone with a pistol whip1271
Interior decoratorBuy house furniture385
Gun guruUnlock all weapons in gungame1252
Exemplar officerArrest 200 players5
Criminal mastermindRob 200 businesses5
Punctual courierFinish a courier mission326
ExporterExport 100 vehicles39
Veteran playerOnline for 1000 hours31
HitmanKill 2,500 enemies228
ExecutionerKill 10,000 enemies54
Bounty HunterComplete hit contract343
Stunt GodComplete 200 stunts20
Team PlayerCapture a flag in CTF771
MVPCapture 3 flags in a CTF round292
FlagshipCapture 500 flags in CTF2
SupporterBecome a VIP member37
DaredevilComplete 500 challenges6
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