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28 June 2021

* /wheels dialog has been replaced with a visual selection. Suggested by @Volt
* Add optional Private DM toggle for headshot kills.
* Add command /nametags to toggle the visibility of SA-MP nametags (health bar and name label).
* Add date server was last updated in /uptime.
* Export now includes the destination location name. Suggested by @madvillayo.
* Prevent forbidden vehicles from being used with custom vehicle addons.
* Prevent access to house vehicle related features while spectating.
* Improved the appearance of informational pickups at spawn zones.
* New achievement: Speedy stunter - Complete a stunt (/stuntwar) in less than 1 minute.
* Fix interior not being reset when players die inside of a house or business. Reported by @madvillayo
* Fix/workaround SA-MP vehicle sync issue when players join Stunt War. Reported by @Enemy.
* Fix surfing sync issue where players jump from a falling object and then fall in /fallout.
* Fix/workaround "ghost driver" SA-MP sync issue. This could happen when players were a passenger in a vehicle and then spawned their own.
* Fix stuntwar leaderboard not sorting by time for players with same number of completions

Map updates:

* NEW /nrgparadise skill map by nave
* UPDATED /1337land and /wallride by Madvillayo
* NEW Jizzy's (/sf) map by Madvillayo and Luis!
* Remove deathjump maps.
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